Which Tomorrow Will You Choose?

Northeast Ohio is faced with the challenge of deciding between two tomorrows. One where it is average, where a legacy industry mix, lower-than-average educational attainment rates, the outmigration of people and jobs, persistent concentrations of poverty, and racial disparities continue to undermine its economic competitiveness. The other where it is extraordinary, where it embraces strategies in job creation, job preparation and job access to fully realize its potential, achieve economic growth, and increase access to opportunity for all people.

In the coming years, we must build a continuously regenerating economy that creates good jobs and rising incomes for everyone. To do this, we must understand the issues holding us back from inclusive transformation and align our regional priorities accordingly.

What follows is not a plan. It is a call for a collective sense of purpose—for choosing a better tomorrow. Access an executive summary here, download a one-page summary here and download the full report below.

Being Average Is A Choice - So Is Being Extraordinary.

It is time to redefine how we measure progress toward a better tomorrow.

The Goal: A continuously regenerating economy creating good jobs and rising incomes for everyone.

What does this goal mean? How should progress toward this goal be measured? How is the region doing today? Download the Growth and Opportunity Scorecards for Northeast Ohio and its MSAs here.
To inquire about applying these metrics to your metro area, contact us at the2tomorrows@thefundneo.org.

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About The Fund

The Fund For Our Economic Future is an alliance of funders dedicated to advancing economic growth and equitable access to opportunity for the people of Northeast Ohio by building shared community committment, supporting high-impact collaborations and marshalling strategic funding.